Agerpoint provides comprehensive GIS-based asset inventory, data and precision agriculture solutions to growers of tree, vine and bush-based crops. The Agerpoint product line encompasses the entire growing life cycle of a crop and allows growers to precisely map agricultural features and assets using 3D Laser sensors. The technology produces data that can then drive automated equipment, detect illness, and improve yield production. In the last three years, Agerpoint has expanded to work with growers on both the east and west coasts and is interested in expanding to a greater number of regions in the U.S. as well as Canada, Central and South America.
AgRite aims to reduce water, fertilizer and labor inputs by introducing today’s growers to a user-friendly, automated wireless irrigation and fertilizer injection system. Ag-Rite has developed a number of specialized products designed to allow for automated irrigation and allows farmers to decide on critical growing processes for individual plant needs, using wireless valves and field sensors to measure soil tension, moisture, pH, temperature, and other conditions. The AgRite system provides growers with the flexibility to remotely view, control, trend and change system dynamics all while maintain crop quality and yields.
Arctic, Inc., uses micro- and macro-climate manipulation for the benefit of agriculture and the environment. Our first commercial product, the Frostbite® Weed Control System, uses man-made frost to control weeds. Products in development include crop thinning, silver-free cloud seeding to induce rainfall during droughts, and in situ plant modification.
Advanced Resilient Technology Ltd (ART) systems provide local solutions utilizing waste to generate clean energy, support sustainable economies, and restore environmental habitat — including offering carbon sequestration. ART systems generate perpetual revenues to recoup investments, generate profits and fund sustainable waste elimination solutions for the future. Using innovative technology to increase the productivity and efficiency of time-proven methods, ART reclaims organic wastes by generating energy (electricity and heat) and Biochar.
Behavioral Response
Ayrstone produces high-power, outdoor-ready wireless networking equipment that enable farmers and other rural residents and businesses to build robust IP networks spanning square miles. Our products are designed to be extremely easy to install and use, so a farmer can easily build a communications infrastructure across the farm for Internet access, data collection, and automation. Our goal is to do for farming what Cisco and Linksys did for home and office.
Cows that have calved or “Freshened” have biological challenges that limit their Immune Response to numerous health problems. Left to fester, these problems are commonly treated with hormones, steroids, and antibiotics at 3 months post-freshening and beyond. Our Fresh Cow Manager technology gets cows to eat more which primes their Immune Systems to naturally solve these health issues in the 1st month and naturally produce over a ton more milk per cow per year. You might say our “pound of technological prevention is worth more than a ton of cure”…
Corigin will change the economics of farming and help the environment. We will transform farm & forest residues into low cost broad-spectrum organic pesticides & fungicides, water amendments that neutralize alkaline irrigation water and soil amendments that increase crop yield & slash water use. Our products will help farmers maximize profits and go organic while rebuilding soil fertility and sequestering huge amounts of carbon in soils for centuries. The only ingredient is biocarbon residue and the products are produced simultaneously. A pilot-scale operation is running and supported by great engineers. Our process produces no waste or harmful emissions, and consumes no energy after startup. In fact, it’s carbon negative.
FarmX is introducing the FarmMap in early 2015, which is the lowest cost, high data, outdoor real-time Farm Health monitoring tool. Using the power of proprietary intelligence and distributed soil/plant sensors for environmental and crop-specific variables, FarmX is introducing to California an IT Infrastructure that will allow farmers to save significant amounts of water, fertilizer, and labor by having access to real-time help from expert researchers and farm advisers on a virtual platform. Additionally, FarmX is making agriculture more efficient and accessible by selling all-encompassing FarmKits, which come in four different sizes in order to fit the needs of smaller, educational growers as well as commercial growers. The FarmKits include a greenhouse, a hydroponic growing system, and a Genesis Farm Automation Unit, which together make it possible to grow food with 90% less water than traditional growing techniques.
RapidBio Systems
Each year, nearly 50 million pounds of food in the U.S. reaches landfills, resulting in a $2400 loss per household. aims to reduce this at-home food waste, improve the home cooking experience, and save users both time and money. Using a comprehensive and user-friendly app, is able to track food purchases using electronic receipts, use algorithms to track spoilage dates of food, and provide users with recommended recipes that utilize likely-to-waste food.
RapidBio Systems is focused on the development and commercialization of rapid pathogen detection technology. The system is based on technology that utilizes antibodies, microfluidics and laser-based mie-scattering to detect and identify pathogens, providing results in approximately 10 minutes, opposed to the hours or days needed by competing technologies. By using a portable, hand-held system, RapidBio Systems will meet the unmet market needs for a fast-testing system in fields and warehouses that are conducting food safety testing.
Rogue Rovers
Rogue Rovers is producing the FarmDogg,™ all terrain electric-drive ATV engineered to for use in specialty agriculture like orchards and vineyards. The specific features of the FarmDogg™ make it cleaner, quieter, safer than typical gas-powered vehicles. Additionally, FarmDogg™ or the “Data Gatherer-Generator” has an on-board intelligence system called DoggBone™ that provides remote sensing and vehicle robotics. The FarmDogg™ an appealing investment for farmers, ranchers, and commercial customers.
Hydrogarden Industries Innovations, Inc., invents and markets technologically advanced equipment for precision agriculture and hydroponic growers. Our launch product called, Turbo Trimmerz it is a digital enhancement of a simple and ubiquitous tool – the pair of scissors or shears. Turbo Trimmerz is designed to mimic the functionality of traditional scissors. It is a power tool what allows for faster processing and dramatically reduces repetitive stress injuries where laborers are using a pair of scissor. It is optimized for a wide range of repetitive cutting or snipping processes in agriculture from cutting flowers, herbs, berries, food processing, and other soft stemmed processes. It also has applications in textiles, hairdressing, arts & crafts, and many more This is our first step towards revolutionize agriculture through innovation.
Vinsight is an application that aggregates geospatial data, weather data, and sensor-based data to provide the wine & grape industry with analytics for what is happening on the vine. Our goal is to improve yield and revenue for grape growers while providing insight and transparency to other areas of the value chain.

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